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My Babe (Eye Shadow)

My Babe (Eye Shadow)

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Eye Shadow Collection

The Eyeshadow you’ve been waiting for…

This eye shadow is a new formulation, designed to complement every eye color.This silky powder goes on ultra-smooth, stays put for hours without creasing, no pulling or dragging the delicate eye area, and the pay-off is incredible.

Net Weight 1.5g

Made In USA

Key Points To Remember
  • Ophthalmologist tested – Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Can be used wet or dry – Add water for super dramatic rich pigment
  • Micro-bead shimmer is suitable for mature skins as it counteracts fine lines and creates a natural radiant glow
  • Micro-bubble triple-milled formula allows for smooth blendability while staying true to color
  • Long lasting, will not fade, crease or rub off easily